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Genuine Antique Oak
Original Patina
10-12 Ply USA Standard Construction
6mm Wear Layer

Woodworks have an international reputation for being the best in the world at reclaiming and restoring antique woods. The wood we restore is hundreds of years old and we take the responsibility to preserve these very seriously. Unprecedented ancient materials. The patinas of such woods cannot be reproduced; they only occur when the wood is used over time, and our artisans always assure these organic antique features are paid the respect they deserve when crafting your floor.

This is what truly sets our antique floors apart, making Woodworks world leading experts in reclaiming and restoring antique woods – the time and care we grant to every piece. The results are unachievable without the visionary talents of our artisans.

The twenty-stage restoration process leaves our antique oak and elm with an elegant patina and a remarkable original look that celebrates the imperfections of time.

Antique wood holds records of a past life; from beautiful patinas to historic human imperfections and smooth sections which have been corroded by the touch of a thousand hands through the centuries, no two are ever the same. These woods have an elegance and magic nature that simply cannot be matched, requiring a discerning appreciation to master.

They aren’t solely about history though – antique and reclaimed woods represent the very best in terms of quality timber.