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Modern heritage textures that pay homage to centuries old originals.

Our Aged wood floors are a remarkable tribute to the enduring charm of antique wood floors. Crafted from the finest French oak, these English-aged floors undergo a meticulous aging process, exposed to the elements for at least 24 months before being carefully kiln-dried, a time-honored technique that guarantees their quality.

We honor tradition by expertly hand-rolling softened edges, and our slow-cured method allows each finish to naturally dry between applications. To ensure lasting durability and stability, our engineered construction leverages modern innovation, effectively mitigating the wood's inherent tendency to expand and contract over time.

Combining an organic and natural aesthetic with contemporary elements, these exclusive Woodworks textures capture the modern yet timeless vibe evoked by vintage woods. Meticulously crafted using advanced engineering techniques, every aged texture faithfully reproduces the characteristics commonly associated with antique flooring. We have three significant Aged Textures, encompassing several time-worn qualities, whilst each possessing distinct characteristics that set them apart from one another.

First in our series of Aged Textures, we would like to introduce Classic Aged, an exclusive handcrafted texture that captures the modern yet timeless vibe evoked by vintage woods.

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The overall aesthetic of this texture is wonderfully organic and pleasantly irregular. The initial skip-sawn marks that span the width of the board are intentionally subdued, resulting in a hit-and-miss naturally ageing appearance. This effect, known as “worn hit & miss,” emulates the natural aging of a surface sawn floor.

This material undergoes shrinkage through extended seasoning, giving rise to an undulating, rolling texture. Elevated and irregular knots are gently exposed, while all edges undergo soft rolling.

This seamless technique blends each wooden element smoothly into the next, achieving a cohesive look.

Most significant characteristics of Classic Aged:

  • Worn, hit & skip sawn
  • Scrubbed knots
  • Undulating

The following Woodworks floors showcase the Classic Aged Texture, complemented in a variety of finishes.

  • Lauzes, Champagney, and Miellin are finished in Burnished Hardwax Oil Matt
  • Velentre, Quissac and Assier are finished in Burnished Hardwax Oil Satin
  • Chevry, Rouby and Villes have a Naked Skin Lacquer finish
  • Lastly, Mauroux has an Organic Oil Super Matt Finish

For a detailed list of our Woodworks finishes please visit Our Wood Finishes page.

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The following Woodworks floors feature a worn hit & miss effect, with an undulating rolling texture.

Assier Herringbone Aged Champagney Herringbone Aged Chevry Herringbone Aged Lauzes herringbone Miellin Herringbone Aged Quissac Herringbone Aged Villes Herringbone Aged
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In comparison, the Townhouse texture is smoother than the Classic Texture. Our floors with this particular texture are flat sanded to give a more refined & elegant look. Very faint traces of cross saw marks remain on the wood's surface.

Through extended seasoning, the wood’s surface undergoes a contraction, resulting in an evocative undulating and rolling texture. Raised and irregular knots are thoughtfully treated. Edges are meticulously hand-rolled this imparts a much more pronounced look of naturally worn floor. A smooth surface combined with worn edges typifies a more tailored aesthetic.

Most significant characteristics of Townhouse Aged:

  • Worn, hit & Miss Skip Sawn
  • Scrubbed Knots
  • Extra Undulating

These Woodworks floors exhibit captivating undulations, creating an enchanting visual appeal.

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The wood’s surface showcases far more captivating hand-polished undulations, characterized by an abundance of natural contours and fluidity. Every board boasts its unique shape, seamlessly connecting each element to another.

This distinctive variation in each board harks back to the inherent diversity found in genuine antique floors of the 17th and 18th centuries. Floors that possess this hand-worked texture mirror the intricate movement observed in antique or reclaimed flooring, paying homage to the enduring legacy of centuries-old originals. Embodying the true hallmark of Woodworks craftsmanship.

Most significant characteristics of Country Aged:

  • Worn, scrubbed knots
  • Flat sanded
  • Residues of very light saw marks
  • Hand rolled edges
  • Refined undulations

These Woodworks floors exhibit captivating undulations, creating an enchanting visual appeal.

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Contact us for a complimentary sample of any of our Aged floors or visit our American Flagship Showroom in New York City. Overlooking Lexington Avenue, this state-of-the-art showroom proudly displays our extraordinary flooring on large panels.


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