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Welcome to Woodworks

Woodworks are designers and creators of the finest antique, reclaimed and new wood flooring.

A Woodworks floor is never rushed; each one is carefully made by hand in our English workshops as we create the extraordinary.

Woodworks is more than just an expression of passion and love for wood, it represents the very antithesis of mass manufacturing and our outlook to working with wood is different to the competition.

Over the decades, we have honed our skills to restore woods formerly lost to the past, mould surfaces that breathe and create textures that encapsulate history.

We do all of this, because we believe in living with special woods.

If you're looking for something special for your next projects, be it antique, reclaimed, aged or new, Woodworks are the perfect people to collaborate with.

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With origins dating back to 1988, we have decades of experience in working the finest woods.

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As the world becomes increasingly urbanized, we all yearn to be closer to nature – an antique floor achieves just that.

Due to their rich and long lives, our antique wood floors are steeped in history and authenticity, their patinas evidence of both their beauty and our eco-philosophy.

Patinas such as these cannot be reproduced; they only occur when wood is used over time, and our artisans always assure these antique features are paid the respect they deserve when creating an antique floor.


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Reclaimed WOODS

Hard to define and impossible to replicate, we are modern pilgrims of reclaimed woods.

This has always been our mission, and thanks to our experts’ experience through the years, when we find something extraordinary, we know just how good the material is.

Telling stories of the past, reclaimed woods represent some of the very best and most history-packed timbers available.

We have travelled to every corner of the globe to reclaim beautiful reclaimed woods stepped in historical meaning. From local architectural buildings in the United Kingdom to renovated homes in South East Asia, we love to tell the stories behind our reclaimed floors


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All of the skills we learned through reclaiming and restoring old floorboards throughout the years, we applied to our new woods.

These decades of collective knowledge allow us to emulate the very best features of old wood floors, with modern constructions and innovative designs.

Choose from the very best English Oak available to the light pink tones of Douglas Fir Pine, and everything in between.