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Multi Species
Select and Nature Grade
12 Ply USA Standard Construction
6mm Wear Layer

We broke all the rules when it came to dimensions in 1997. Unprecedented design.

Before we introduced Superwide to the industry, Wooden planks had traditionally been very thin. We created the extraordinary and began to pioneer planks in wider widths and longer lengths, much earlier than they became a mainstream idea. We have continued with our philosophy to push the boundaries with ever since.

Now available in incredible widths as large as 300mm/11.5”, the specifications that make up our Superwide collection are the most impressive available. This modern wide plank look is

Our latest Superwide release is our new super-white floor, Ibis. Crafted from the finest Douglas Fir, this profound floor is bleached to achieve this pale and crisp look. Sleek and refined. Perfect for modern areas with a sharp micro bevel edge for a contemporary look.