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Most of our floors are prefinished with a lacquer or oil that shows off the attractive qualities of the wood, whilst also providing an extra layer of protection. Each coat is meticulously cured through a gradual natural process, allowing for natural air drying between applications, resulting in a rich and long-lasting finish that exudes a sense of opulence and refinement.

Adding the finishing touches to a Woodworks floor takes an incredible amount of time and patience. Worked in by hand, the prescribed finish is allowed to dry slowly between coats. While adding a lacquer-based finish to your floor provides a durable naked finish, our oil-based finish impregnates the wood with ease offering great regeneration. Every consideration is taken when partnering our woods with the perfect surface to complement each feature and assure lifelong durability.

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A durable, natural finish that combines oils to deeply penetrate into the pores of the wood. The weight of the hardwax offers maximum protection and leaves a deep lustre to the surface, reflecting light well and emphasises
grain, texture and surface undulations across the floor.


An organic, oiled based finish is made of a mixture of nut oils and beeswax, penetrating deep into the pores of the wood, restricting dirt and debris on the surface. Leaving a transparent surface finish on the floor.


The term patina applies to the original surface of old woods where this has been left to age naturally. The wood is then restored and polished slowly by hand to protect the wood and supply a lustrous look, a truly authentic
way of finishing our antique and reclaimed floors.


A hand painted finish, completed in our Cheshire workshops, which varies depending on the floor or cladding. Our experienced team have the skills to produce distressed finishes and solid paint effects that highlight the paint tone and wood texture.


Floors supplied without any finish, allowing you to select a finish to be applied once laid and sanded within your project. Unfinished floors can also be specified for highly complex patterns as site finishing is recommended. Woodworks a variety of finishes from super matt to high gloss offering maximum protection.


Our metal leaf floors are coated with genuine metal, maintaining the feel and texture of the wood. All metal coatings are finished with Naked Skin Lacquer. Making them suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Alternative metals can be provided on request.


Transparent, soft-feel lacquer that maintains the original ‘unfinished’ look of natural wood, avoiding the warm organic tones associated with natural oils and waxes. Natural air drying allows us to build much heavier coats, creating a deep and durable finish that looks and feels luxurious.


This lacquer-based finish has a transparent patina that has low levels of light reflection. Oilwood Traffic gives the floor a warm and soft appearance due to the oil element, making it well suited for dark to brown toned floors.
It is very resistant to wear and tear and liquids due to natural hardening.


Woodworks specialist lacquers are offered for highly regulated environments. These include slip resistance, fire retardance and wear resistance. This specialist finish creates an iridescent reflection and provides the
durability you would expect from a multi-coat lacquer.

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