Coronet PDV Parquetry


Nimbus superwide american black walnut


Moth ii Plank Swatch


Rouby Plank Aged


Charente Detail 2


Arley Swatch


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Grading determines the amount and size of natural features within a single wood floor.

It is important to understand how characterful or clean you want your floor to be, as it will affect the overall appearance of the floor.

On this page, you will find our grading scale, which showcases all of the different grades we craft in Woodworks.

We have a strict grading policy that starts at the raw material stage. Every single board that we create is checked and placed in the correct grade specified; this check includes the amount of sapwood, colour variation, open and closed knots and end splits amongst other important checks.

The raw material is only used once every board, is separated into the correct grade and assigned to the floor. At each stage of production – whether it's grading, filling, texture or finishing – every single board is checked again and scrutinized to make sure the wood is correct and we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality grade.

Please be advised that whilst some grades are cleaner than others, they cannot eliminate all the variable features of wood, due to it being a natural material. Variation should be expected and celebrated when specifying a Woodworks floor.

Risso Plank Superfine Lifestyle
Risso Plank Superfine


The cleanest grade that gives the most uniform appearance. It allows for a small number of knots, but has minimal amounts of sapwood and the smallest amount of tonal variation.

Nimus Plank Superwide
Nimbus superwide american black walnut


A mix of prime and cleaner nature grade boards. Most planks will be sap free, with some irregular grain and a limited number of knots allowed.

Bleached Chevron Cameo 2
Bleached Plank


Boards can include sapwood and heartwood which has a wider tonal variation. Irregular grain, knots and complementary filler will be used.

Rouby Plank Aged Lifestyle
Rouby Plank Aged


Characterful wood that includes some larger knots with checks across growth rings, wider tonal variation across boards, heartwood, sapwood, and filler.

Charente Plank
Charente Detail 2


This grade is considerably heavier than Rustic, featuring an even greater abundance of knots, heartwood, and longer split ends. It is characterized by significant color variations and pronounced grain detail, reminiscent of the kind of timber often found in a rustic countryside barn.

Velentre PDV Aged Lifestyle2
Velentre PDV Aged


A heavier grade than nature which allows a virtually limitless size and number of knots, heartwood and tonal variation throughout the boards. There is no minimum amount of sapwood or filler.

Northbank Pine Plank Rare Finds Lifestyle3
Northbank Pine Plank Rare Finds


Characterful features can include nail holes, restoration features, weather cracks, as well as filler, limitless knots, checks, sap, and tonal variation.