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Rubens Plank Antique

It’s name is a nod to the source of this antique timber. Incredibly, we reclaimed and restored this antique French Oak from historic vodka vats in Europe. The oak used to make these vats or barrels is actually called “Merrain” and is a very special variety of timber. These barrels will have been recycled and reused in vodka production for over 100 years.

Merrain, part of our exclusive Antique collection, is created from the finest antique French Oak.

All Woodworks floors are handmade to order in our Cheshire workshops, and Merrain is no exception.

Merrain Oak, originally farmed from a specifically designed forest within the region of Murlin, France, is some of the finest French Oak available and is scarce in its supply. These trees were actively farmed for 180 years in order to cultivate specific growing conditions, giving way to exceptional aesthetics.

The oak is a unique mellow oak tone, very tight-grained, with almost no knots. Each tree used is specially selected and grown with space around it to give the timber these unique properties. Surrounding trees are cleared from the forest to allow the Merrain to thrive, growing strong upwards. Branches are also continually removed during its growth, to ensure that minimal knots form in the timber.

This is not nature left alone, but a very specific environment managed to create this unique material. This exceptional original polished patina floor comes in random-width planks, featuring a smooth undulating texture with traditional hand-rolled edges, creating a seamless flow across the entire floor.

Due to the rarity and value of this French Oak, it is much sought after by spirit and winemakers across the world, thanks to its epic proportions. Merrain Oak has never been offered as a floor, let alone as an Antique. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in a one-of-a-kind floor.


Wood Species:
Antique Oak
Random Width Plank
Genuine Antique Sourced
Wear Layer:
Application Guide:
12mm / 1/3"
Up to 4m / RL up to 157.5''
Original Polished Patina
Surface Texture:
Smooth | Undulating Texture
Genuine Reclaimed
Edge Detail:
Hand Rolled Edges
Care System:
Care System
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