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English Native Timbers
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English Native Timbers

English Oak
Soft/Hand Rolled Edges
12 Ply USA Standard Construction
6mm Wear Layer

English Oak is an exceptional variety of wood and is revered for being the finest oak in this species. Due to being wilder, and more naturally grown, this wood features an incredible natural grain pattern throughout the logs. These pedunculated logs are very different from the tall sensible oaks from commercial forests. It’s also slowly grown, meaning that the growth rings inside are much tighter than in quicker-grown woods, with the hue being richer in color as a result too.

All of our English Native Timbers are crafted from incredibly special English Oak. Rare.

We saw our English Oak logs in the traditional manner that they would have been done for hundreds of years. This method is known as quarter sawing. By doing this you get a little less wood from each log, but the usable wood has the best stability possible. Quarter-sawn oak mainly moves in its thickness and not in its width. Truly a magical material.

With a smoother, more organically elegant surface, are our new English Native Timbers. Elswick, Forecastle, and Roebuck are smooth sanded and yet maintain some soft undulations. The result is a sophisticated and understated, bringing the wood to life with an appreciation paid towards the sawn figuring. The epitome of harmonious creation.