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Floor designs Plank
Northbank Pine Plank Rare Finds Lifestyle3


A timeless design featuring traditional wooden boards meticulously crafted into extended wood floor planks. These planks are offered in both engineered and solid constructions, available in an array of widths, lengths, and thicknesses. This versatility makes planks an ideal choice, catering to narrow, standard, wide, extra-wide, and even super-wide preferences.

  • Plank
  • Wide Plank
  • Extra Wide Plank
  • Super Wide Plank
  • Random Width Plank
  • End Grain Plank
Floor designs Herringbone
Lauzes Aged 2


A collection of blocks can be arranged at various angles to achieve specific design effects. When combined with planks and additional blocks, you can create as many as 19 unique herringbone patterns. Herringbone designs make a bold visual statement and are suitable for various interior styles. Our product range includes both classic herringbone blocks and narrower options, as well as oversized selections available in our Superwide collection.

  • Narrow Herringbone
  • Herringbone
  • Oversized Herringbone

Floor designs Chevron
Hoxton Urban 2


Our unique chevron blocks form the classic 'V' shape, also referred to as the Hungarian Point pattern. This striking chevron pattern emerges from cutting wood planks at an angle and arranging them in a zigzag fashion. This arrangement creates sharp, distinctive lines and a design that stands the test of time. Our chevron blocks are offered in both 45 and 60-degree angles to suit your design preferences.

Floor designs PDV
Franklin Brookwood 16


Our meticulously handcrafted parquet panel designs bring an absolutely captivating and remarkable element to any project. These panels can be artfully positioned within a room-spanning border, producing a striking and influential visual impact. Alternatively, they can be skillfully arranged around a central focal point in entertainment areas, serving as a captivating conversation starter that adds a touch of intrigue and charm to your space.

  • Parquet de Versailles Panel
  • Diagonal 8 Tile Parquet de Versailles Panel
  • Continuous Versailles Weave
  • Parquet de Chantilly Panel
  • Parquet de Chevney Panel
  • Parquet de Ardeche Panel
Floor designs Registered
Sapphire Circular Panel Design Parquetry Lifestyle 1


Flooring serves a pivotal role in the realm of interior design and architecture, making a substantial contribution to shaping the distinct style of a space. Choosing a unique format, such as a chequerboard panel design or one of our exclusive registered designs like Sapphire, will unquestionably elevate your interior project to a truly exceptional level, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who encounters it.

  • Chequerboard Panel
  • Fingerblock Panel
  • Concentric Design Panel (Sapphire)
  • Circular Design Panel (Inca)
Floor designs hexagon
Shearwater Avery 8168


Geometric flooring patterns are all about creating a bold statement. The fusion of geometric blocks delivers a lasting and impactful impression on your design space.

Drawing inspiration from nature, our hexagonal design is an exciting new addition for the year 2023. This innovative format mirrors the intricate shape of a honeycomb and is now offered as a design choice for all flooring options within our Aged collection.

Floor designs cladding
Capitol Plank Bold Surfaces Lifestyle


We offer wall cladding options in both plank and herringbone styles. These versatile cladding choices can be applied to walls, ceilings, and even soulful surfaces, often provided in a solid construction. Our Bold Surfaces collection showcases the finest reclaimed and antique cladding solutions available, embodying exceptional quality and character.



We have the ability to craft solutions that break free from conventional limitations. Our expertise empowers us to stretch the boundaries of what's possible in order to bring your unique vision to life. A custom creation from Woodworks is a genuinely collaborative experience.

Created with your vision in mind, a Woodworks custom creation is a collaborative experience. If you haven't yet discovered the perfect design for your project, we are ready to provide a tailored solution to meet your specific interior requirements.


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