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European Oak
Nature Grade
12 Ply USA Standard Construction
6mm Wear Layer

Rich in texture and designed to last, Urban floors are versatile, hardwearing, and enduring in their appeal – ideal for modern contemporary spaces. They are named after areas of New York and the United States to reflect the tremendous landscape to their texture. Urban embodies all the values you love about our reclaimed and antique Woodworks floors: a gently worn surface with understated imperfection, but with the consistency and reliability of a new wood floor. A commercial giant.

Urban is perhaps most special, due to our remarkable Naked Skin Lacquer finish. Organic and unparalleled. This natural finish provides exceptional durability whilst looking invisible on the surface.

This is a very unusual, natural finish that we have specifically developed for high traffic areas over many years. This is very challenging, and no other flooring creator is able to replicate our unique technique. We finish, sand and re-apply the oil a multitude of times for maximum durability, which the commercial projects Urban is designed for demand.

Urban gives you a beautiful reclaimed-style texture without compromising on easy care and maintenance.