Antique Collection
Babington Antique 1

This exquisite oak floor, with its beautiful golden hue, serves as a testament to the decades of skill our artisans have cultivated. Initially, it may seem like a simple backdrop of golden-brown colors, but upon closer inspection, a wealth of details emerges.

At our company, we go beyond mere reclamation of antique woods; we take pride in the meticulous restoration process that transforms them into stunning pieces. The carefully applied Burnished Hardwax Oil coating reveals distinct dark accents, both natural and man-made, which bear witness to the oak's rich and diverse history. Each individual block, plank, and panel tells its own unique story.

To ensure the longevity and stability of our antique floors, we have incorporated an extra-thick 6mm wear layer onto our 12-ply USA standard construction 20mm/¾" boards. This additional layer, combined with our meticulous craftsmanship, guarantees that the Babington floor will endure for lifetimes, continuing to accumulate stories when properly maintained. Our expertise in reclaiming and restoring antique wood, like this oak, has earned us an international reputation. We approach the restoration of centuries-old wood with a deep sense of responsibility, and we sincerely hope that you derive as much pleasure from these floors as we did in creating them.

If you require architectural details that harmonize with the tonal values of your floor, please feel free to request them. To maintain the beauty of this floor, we recommend using Care System 2. Should you wish to order a sample or discuss your project further, our Woodworks Specification Consultant is available to assist you.


Wood Species:
Antique French Oak
Random Width Planks | Narrow Herringbone | Chevron | Parquet De Versailles Panel | Parquet De Chevney Panel | Diagonal 8 Tile Parquet De Versailles Panel | Parquet De Chantilly Panel
Genuine Antique Sourced
12Ply USA Construction Standard
Wear Layer:
4-6mm Nominal Wear Layer
Application Guide:
Floors & Walls
980/80-160/85/70mm | 39/3-6.9/3.5/2.75"
20mm | 3.4”
350mm/13.5” Narrow Herringbone | RL up to 0.6-3m/118"
Burnished Hardwax Oil Satin
Surface Texture:
Original Patina, Hand Polished Undulations
Genuine Antique Source
Edge Detail:
Hand Rolled Edges
Care System:
Care System 2
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