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Reclaimed and New Woods
8-12 Ply USA Standard Construction
6mm Wear Layer

Celebrating Success: Carbonised Collection Wins 'Best Hard Flooring' at Living etc Style Awards 2023

Discover why our Carbonised collection won the 'Best Hard Flooring' Award here.

Carefully charred floors combining Japanese tradition with modern innovation, using fully restored antique and new woods, with a variety of burnt and weathered tones for floors, interior cladding, and decorative surfaces

This ancient process always involves the use of an open fire or controlled flame to char the wood before cooling, cleaning and treating it with natural oils to create a dark visual style and uniquely tactile feel.

Grasping Yakisugi is incredibly challenging, but our artisans assure that each piece is carefully charred to perfection. Once the wood is charred, we set to work on the surface, which is much more malleable post-charring. This allows our artisans to heavily brush the surface, removing soft summer growth and some harder winter growth, creating sculptural contours in a variety of mineral and organic tones. Brutalist design meets wooden flooring.

We then finish these reclaimed and new wood floors by hand with our Naked Skin Lacquer or Restoration Oil finishes. Easily maintained with our Floor Care System 1.

Our award-winning Carbonised collection, now features an ever-evolving collection of charred and weathered tones. Choose from the natural wonder Cinnabar, inky black Zircon, ethereal white Pearl, and piquing pink Garnet - all of which are new arrivals in the Carbonised world.