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Velentre Herringbone Aged

Aged Textures


Whether you’re looking for a floor that is naturally undulating, has a rough sawn texture that adds character, or something more subtle and smooth, we have several options for you to choose from.

Our floors feature a range of different textures, each defining a floors characteristic in the same way other visual elements would, such as tone and grade.

These textures are considered part of the Woodworks ‘house style’ and have been designed by us to introduce natural movement and undulations into your project, linking it to the natural world.

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Opting for unfinished complex floor designs facilitates on-site finishing, ensuring a sleek, bevel-free surface. Before the floor is smooth sanded, you have the opportunity to fill any exposed joints or gaps. Woodworks offers oil-based and lacquer-based finishing solutions for on-site finishing. These options encompass a range of sheen levels, including super matt, matt, satin, and gloss. A great example of this texture is Reims from our Antique collection.


When striving for an elegant and refined traditional floor, the choice of texture becomes paramount. This type of floor is meticulously fine sanded to achieve a perfectly level surface, with edge detailing that spans from gentle rolled edges to subtle micro bevels. A great example of this texture is Bridgewater Pine from our Rare Finds collection.


Various levels of brushing techniques are used to reveal the timber’s natural grain. Light, medium, and deep brushed will vary with different wood species and reveal different levels of grain depth. Raked and Riven techniques are the most intense, both creating strong visual statements. Brushed textures are ideal for both floors and walls. A great example of this texture is Oyster from our Carbonised collection.


Every Woodworks sawn texture displays distinctive band saw marks, created when wooden components are cut from lumber. These saw marks manifest on the material’s surface with varying degrees of intensiveness. Our sawn options include sawn, skip-sawn, 45° Chevron Sawn, and Shadow Sawn, each creating its own unique feel. A great example of this texture is Galion from our English Native Timbers collection.


A combination of broken edges, indentations, and hand planing creates a random naturally worn texture across the board for an authentic look. Distressed wood can provide a weathered look that adds character to floors and cladding, a great example of this texture is Hip from our Bold Surfaces collection.


Introducing our weathered reclaimed wood, featuring an exposed grain that exudes a truly raw, rustic, and organic texture. While not designed for flooring, this option is suited for wall applications. This material boasts an industrial aesthetic, showcasing a naturally embedded black patina stemming from its previous use. A great example of this texture is French Estate Oak from our Rare Finds collection.


We have three significant Aged Textures, encompassing several time-worn qualities, whilst each possessing distinct characteristics that set them apart from one another. Please visit our Aged Woods page for more information on our Woodworks Aged Textures.


Woodworks proudly presents three distinct Antique textures, each artfully restored to combine a harmonious blend of meticulous sanding, undulations, and sawn marks, as well as exquisite edge detailing. Every Antique floor possesses its own unique character, expertly rejuvenated by our skilled artisans within our workshops. Our restoration work aims to perfectly complement the inherent charm of each Antique surface, preserving its originality and history. Please visit here for further information on our full restoration process.

French Estate Organic Oak Plank Rare Finds NEW TAG Bridgewater Pine 1860 Oyster II Galion Plank Native Timbers Hip Plank Bold Surfaces Reims Antique Oak Plank Rare Finds NEW TAG