Nerite Plank Superfine

Lightly Brushed

Espresso Herringbone Editions Lifestyle

Medium Brushed

Capitol Plank Bold Surfaces Lifestyle

Heavily Brushed

Galion Plank English Native Timbers Lifestyle


Duch East Indies Teak Plank Rare Finds


Gaslamp Plank Urban

Worn And Restored

Sienna Herringbone Editions


Our artisan's handwork each of our textures to showcase the natural movement and shaping of wood, linking your project back to nature. Feeling the texture is the only true way to understand what makes these wood surfaces so extraordinary, so we recommend ordering a sample box via to experience these woods under your fingertips. Here you will find information about all the textures that we create in Woodworks.

Linen Plank Superwide
Northbank Pine Plank 7 Lifestyle Rare Finds EDIT

Woodworks believe that living with extra special woods matters. This is epitomized by the seasoned textures we create.

Lightly Brushed

By using a variety of materials our artisans gently remove unwanted soft summer growth and reveal the natural beauty of the wood’s grain patterns.

Medium Brushed

A slightly heavier hand brushing that helps to reveal the natural grain patterns on the surface of the wood whilst removing the soft summer growth that develops in nature.

Heavily Brushed

Our heaviest brushing creates more prominent grooves within the wood’s texture, adding to the movement of the wood and revealing yet more of the grain patterns.


An organic surface that pays homage to the movement of centuries-old originals. We work the natural undulations by hand to help accentuate the beautiful shaping and consider this texture is a key part of our Woodworks ‘house style’.


Inspired by the natural wear and tear of reclaimed wood, we add shallow and deep saw marks to the surface for a delicately rustic feel.


Having faced the challenges of history, we fully restore the surface of our antique and reclaimed woods to emphasize their movement, patina and historical imperfections.


Our artisans carefully handsand the surface of the wood over time to achieve a sleek, uniform look across the floor.

Delphis Plank Superfine Full Egret Plank Superwide Sienna Plank Editions Galion Plank Native Timbers Velentre Plank Aged Hoxton Mixed Plank Urban Nimus Plank Superwide

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