Superwide Collection
Sand Herringbone Superwide

Sand is a timeless and completely natural material, embodying simplicity in its purest form.

Handcrafted in our Cheshire workshops, our skilled artisans have diligently showcased the exquisite grain patterns of these nature-grade boards. This Superwide floor is also offered in a cleaner Select Grade variant. For more information, please feel free to reach out to us.

The key to the success of Sand lies in its super wide 300mm/11.5" planks and 200mm/7.5" herringbone blocks.

Through a meticulous process of bleaching the boards and applying an invisible-look naked skin lacquer, our Woodworks team has created a light-colored floor that emanates a sense of cleanliness and tranquility. This finish also provides the necessary long-lasting protection required to withstand the demands of modern interiors. With a substantial 20mm/3.4" thickness and a 6mm wear layer, this floor is built to last a lifetime.

Moreover, this floor is fully FSC certified, ensuring that the wood is sourced from a protected European forest with minimal environmental disruption. Upon request, we offer architectural details that harmonize with the tonal values of your chosen floor. Effortless maintenance is achieved with our Care System 1.

To order a sample or discuss your project further, please contact our Woodworks Specification Consultant.


Wood Species:
European Nature Oak
Oversize Herringbone | Super Wide Plank
12Ply USA Construction Standard
Wear Layer:
6mm Nominal Wear Layer
Application Guide:
Floors & Walls
300/200mm | 12/8”
20mm | 3.4”
600mm/24” Oversize Herringbone | RL up to 0.6-3m/118”
Naked Skin Lacquer Super Matt
Surface Texture:
FSC® Mix Credit
Edge Detail:
Micro Bevel
Care System:
Care System 1
$23.95 (priced from, per sf)
Sand Plank Superwide