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Introducing Ecru, a floor that epitomizes true modernity and freshness by combining an almost white color with wide, statement grain patterns. Crafted from nature-grade European Oak, it establishes a profound connection to the natural world. This Superwide floor is also offered in a cleaner Select Grade variant. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

As the name suggests, Superwide is a collection that showcases the widest planks and herringbone blocks available, measuring 300mm/11.5" and 200mm/7.5" respectively. These generous widths not only make a bold statement in larger spaces but also create an illusion of spaciousness in smaller rooms, making it an ideal choice for residential areas seeking a fresh and clean aesthetic.

With full FSC certification and a 6mm wear layer, Ecru is a floor that will stand the test of time while minimizing its environmental impact, allowing you to enjoy its "just-purchased" appearance for decades to come.

Every board and block of Ecru is meticulously waxed and burnished by hand, showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship of our skilled artisans and delivering an unmistakably high-end finish. Upon request, we offer architectural details that harmonize with the tonal values of your floor. Effortless maintenance is achieved with our Care System 4.

To order a sample or discuss your project in more detail, please reach out to our Woodworks Specification Consultant.


Wood Species:
European Nature Oak
Oversize Herringbone | Super Wide Plank
12Ply USA Construction Standard
Wear Layer:
6mm Nominal Wear Layer
Application Guide:
Floors & Walls
300/200mm | 12/8”
20mm | 3.4”
600mm/24” Oversize Herringbone | RL up to 0.6-3m/118”
Burnished Hardwax Oil Matt
Surface Texture:
FSC® Mix Credit
Edge Detail:
Micro Bevel
Care System:
Care System 4
$23.95 (priced from, per sf)
Ecru Herringbone Superwide Ecru Plank Superwide