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Velentre Plank Aged Lifestyle

Velentre flawlessly captures the essence of a wood floor that carries the timeless allure of decades, even centuries. Combining rich, dark tones with a sumptuous polished hardwax oil finish and hand-rolled edges, Velentre ensures that the natural undulations in each board gracefully flow across the entire floor. This showcases the distinctive character and individual beauty that can only be found in a rustic-grade wood floor.

Crafted from premium French Oak, Velentre is FSC certified, representing a sustainable choice. The floor is available in various patterns, including parquet de Versailles panels, as well as plank, herringbone, and chevron designs.

Our exceptional Parquet de Versailles design is exclusively registered to Woodworks, making it an unmatched gem found nowhere else. We meticulously hand-cut the elements within our panels, meticulously matching each element from panel to panel. These panels are crafted from the finest antique, reclaimed, and new materials, ensuring unparalleled quality.

Engineered by our skilled British craftspeople in our Cheshire workshops, this wood floor boasts a thickness of 20mm with a 6mm wear layer. This makes Velentre a lasting investment, destined to become an integral part of your project for a lifetime.

While Velentre is not suitable for use as wall cladding, it can be seamlessly incorporated with underfloor heating systems. For those seeking architectural details that perfectly harmonize with the tonal values of the floor, customized solutions are available upon request. Additionally, maintaining this floor is effortless with our Care System 2.

To order a sample or delve deeper into your project, please reach out to our Woodworks Specification Consultant.


Wood Species:
Aged French Oak
Parquet De Versailles Panel | Extra Wide Plank | Herringbone | Chevron
12Ply USA Construction Standard
Wear Layer:
6mm Nominal Wear Layer
Application Guide:
Floors & Walls
980/220/100/90mm | 39/8.5/4/3.5”
20mm | 3.4"
500mm/19.75" Herringbone | RL up to 0.6-2.2m/86.5"
Burnished Hardwax Oil Satin
Surface Texture:
Skip Sawn, Scrubbed Knots & Undulating Texture
UKTR Compliant
Edge Detail:
Soft Rolled Edges
Care System:
Care System 2
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