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Rare Finds

Genuine Antique
Original Patina
12 Ply USA Standard Construction
4-6mm Wear Layer

Our Rare Finds collection tells the finest tales we have uncovered. All the woods in this collection are reclaimed antiques, meaning each is over 100 years old. From the War Office Pine which was privy to conversations of key historical figures throughout both World Wars, to the residential areas of Indonesia where teak took pride for centuries and everything in between.

Due to the rarity of these reclaimed woods, each floor in this collection is finite, and once they are gone, they will be gone forever. A Woodworks original. If you’re looking to use something extra special and unique within your upcoming projects, this is the collection for the select few who can appreciate such.

These reclaimed woods aren’t simply defined by their historical tales though – these timbers are of the very best available. The historical buildings and sites we reclaimed them from demanded the use of the highest quality natural material available in order to stand the test of time.

We don’t simply reclaim old woods either, we restore them, beautifully.

Our expert artisans work the texture by hand and slowly build up finishes that allow the wood to breathe, transforming each into a floor fit for modern life. Throughout the restoration process, we assure you that the original patina remains intact. An original patina cannot be manufactured or replicated. Stunning. One will only appear over time as the wood is polished through the decades and centuries.