English Native Timbers Collection
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Elswick stands as the latest innovation within the remarkable English Native Timbers collection, skillfully crafted from the finest English Oak available.

Characterized by its organic tones and natural appeal, Elswick showcases carefully created floors that exude a gentle, worn appearance and a smooth sanded texture—an embodiment of sophistication.

The smooth surface of Elswick breathes life into the wood, allowing for a deeper appreciation of the quarter-sawn and rift-sawn cutting techniques employed. This reveals the captivating grain patterns and showcases the remarkable medullary rays, celebrating the sheer wonder of wood. The addition of hand-rolled edges ensures a seamless flow of these intricate patterns throughout the entire floor.

Following centuries-old tradition, we saw our English Oak logs using the time-honored method of quarter sawing. While this approach yields slightly less wood from each log, it provides the highest possible stability to the usable wood. Quarter-sawn oak primarily expands and contracts in its thickness rather than its width, resulting in a truly enchanting material.

Architectural details for all floors within our English Native Timbers collection are readily available. To maintain the beauty of this floor, we recommend using Care System 2, specifically designed for use with our Burnished Hardwax Oil finish.

To order a sample or explore your project in more detail, please reach out to our Woodworks Specification Consultant.


Wood Species:
English Oak
Random Width Planks
Quarter Sawn
12Ply USA Construction Standard
Wear Layer:
6mm Nominal Wear Layer
Application Guide:
80-230mm | 3-9”
20mm | 3.4”
0.3-3.5m | RL up to 137”
Burnished Hardwax Oil Satin
Surface Texture:
Smooth Sanded, Gentle Undulations
UKTR Compliant
Edge Detail:
Hand Rolled Edges
Care System:
Care System 2
Elswick Plank Details 4 small Elswick Plank Details 3 small Elswick Plank Details 2 small