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Tolland is defined by its character, charm and unique tone.

Tolland is defined by its character, charm and unique tone. The surface has a mix of open grain patterns, which have been brushed to reveal the beauty of the wood, as well as all the characterful knots and knolls you would come to expect of a nature grade wood floor. Tonally, Tolland is a crisp, grey floor which is often associated with modern living, making it an ideal fit in townhouses, restaurants and workspaces amongst others. Paired with a micro bevel finish, this floor makes use of clean lines for a modern look. Completed with a Naked Skin Lacquer finish, which is invisible on the surface, this floor can easily stand the test of time and is resistant to the challenges of everyday life. Plus, being 20mm/ ¾” thick with a 6mm wear layer high-traffic areas are no problem for Tolland. This floor, crafted from fine European Oak, is fully FSC-certified, meaning the wood used for Tolland only comes from carefully managed forests. Therefore, you can rest assured that your project will achieve any environmental aspirations by using Tolland. Architectural details are available upon request and are made to complement the tonal values of your floor. Maintaining this floor is effortless with our Care System 1. To order a sample or discuss your project further by contacting our Woodworks Specification Consultant.


Wood Species:
European Nature Oak
Herringbone | Extra Wide Plank
12Ply USA Construction Standard
Wear Layer:
6mm Nominal Wear Layer
Application Guide:
Floors & Walls
220/100mm | 8.5/4”
20mm | 3.4”
500mm/19.75 Herringbone | RL up to 0.6-2.4m/94.5”
Satin Lacquer
Surface Texture:
FSC® 100%
Edge Detail:
Micro Bevel
Care System:
Care System 1
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