Cool White

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Cool White Herringbone

Cool White, a perennial favorite in our collection, stands as one of the lighter flooring options, featuring a subtle and inviting warm tone. This is a floor that creates a cozy and tranquil interior space.

You have the option to select from wide planks and herringbone blocks to suit your preference. Cool White is meticulously engineered using nature-grade European oak, showcasing the inherent beauty of natural knots, variations in color, and traces of sap. Each individual board or block undergoes a gentle brushing process to unveil the oak's innate grain detail. We take pride in sourcing our wood exclusively from sustainably managed forests.

Every component has been thoughtfully designed to seamlessly harmonize with one another and is crafted from 100% 15mm engineered hardwood, ensuring exceptional stability. This design versatility empowers you to freely combine different tones and formats without compromising on precision. Cool White is enriched with a hardened oil finish, marrying a natural appearance with a subtle sheen. This oil-based finish boasts an outer layer that has been fortified to offer enhanced durability and resistance to wear and splashes, simplifying maintenance. Furthermore, Cool White is ideal for both flooring and wall cladding.

For added convenience, all Discover 3 floors are compatible with underfloor heating systems. Planks feature a tongue and groove system, herringbone and chevron blocks are grooved on three sides, clearly marked for easy identification of left and right pieces during installation.


Wood Species:
European Oak
Plank | Herringbone | Chevron
4-6Ply USA Construction Standard
Wear Layer:
3mm Nominal Wear Layer
Application Guide:
Floors and Walls
180mm/127mm | 7.3/32"/5" | 3 35/64"
15mm | 19.32"
RL up to 2.2m/508mm | RL up to 7.21"/20"
Hardened Oil
Surface Texture:
70% PEFC
Edge Detail:
Micro Bevel
Care System:
Cool White Plank Cool White Plank rs 2 Cool White Plank rs