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We have taken everything we learnt about restoring and reclaiming old wood and translated it to new woods in order to create bold new design statements, whilst paying homage to centuries-old originals.

These floors have extraordinary proportions, designs, textures and finishes and have engineered constructions suitable for modern life.

High in quality and designed to last, these thoughtfully designed wood floors are versatile, hardwearing and enduring in their appeal. Not all new wood floors are created equal, and we make no apologies for the fact that our handcrafted floors are a cut above the competition.

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Otis plank editions


Expressions of true artisanal talent and developed of many years by our Woodworks experts, is our Editions collection.

Our Editions floors are crafted from the very best sustainably sourced European Oak, Douglas Fir, American Black Walnut and European Larch. Each of these engineered floors is a limited edition, with a variety of tones, textures and finishes punctuating each.

These floors also host beautiful character and style throughout, and our fine artisan finishing means they are a cut above the competition in every sense.

Ebony plank superwide
Ebony Plank Superwide


Statement floors with true modernity.

We broke all the rules when it came to dimensions in 1997.

Wooden planks had traditionally been very thin beforehand, but we pioneered planks in wider widths and longer lengths, much earlier than they became a mainstream idea. We have continued to push the boundaries with wide planks ever since.

Now crafted into extreme widths as large as 16”, the specifications that make up our Superwide collection are amongst the most impressive available, regardless of material.

This modern wide plank look is designed to create a bold design statement, even in the largest of spaces, where a true impact can be made.

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Impeccably designed to deliver a flawless aesthetic and an unrivaled sensory experience. Our meticulously engineered Superfine collection showcases the epitome of modern European oak wood flooring.

Crafted with utmost precision, our oak planks boast an extraordinary smoothness and understated elegance, surpassing conventional standards. With a discerning eye for detail, we have minimized the presence of sap, knots, and color variations, ensuring a harmonious unity throughout your entire floor while preserving the inherent allure of wood's organic diversity. It's a testament to the boundless beauty of nature.

At the apex of purity, our superprime grade oak exhibits an unparalleled level of flawlessness, boasting minimal knots, sap, and color variation. It is a truly rare and refined treasure.

The selection process for these exceptional floors is arduous and time-intensive, with countless hours devoted to handpicking each individual board. Our artisans then apply their expertise to perfect the tone, texture, and finish, ensuring an extraordinary result that transcends expectations.

Galion Plank English Native Timbers Lifestyle
Galion Plank Native Timbers

English Native timbers COLLECTION

English Oak, renowned as the pinnacle of its species, stands as an exceptional wood variety. Prized for its wilder and more naturally grown nature, this remarkable wood showcases an exquisite and captivating natural grain pattern throughout its logs. These pedunculated logs possess a distinctiveness that sets them apart from the tall and cultivated oaks found in commercial forests. Additionally, the slow growth of English Oak results in tighter growth rings, enhancing its richness and depth of color.

Our English Native Timbers collection is exclusively crafted from this exceptionally special English Oak, representing a rarity in the world of wood.

Experience the allure of English Oak with our English Native Timbers collection—an embodiment of unrivaled beauty and timeless elegance.

Ringlet Chevron Parquetry
Ringlet Chevron Parquetry Lifestyle3 1


When lasting design meets modern innovation and intricate craftsmanship to create timeless, stand-out pieces.

Parquetry is our passion and within this collection you will find classic designs and modern interpretations.

From the iconic elegance of a Versailles panel to our own extraordinary circular inventions, these exquisite designs are statement pieces which showcase the very best of our artisans’ handcrafting skills.

Many of these woods are fumed to bring out the rich patina of the wood, with each element being precisely placed together to ensure the perfect match across the entire motif of your floor, which you certainly won’t find elsewhere.

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Dalston Chevron Urban


Immersed in a world of texture, our Urban floors epitomize resilience and versatility, making them an ideal choice for modern commercial spaces that demand enduring appeal. Inspired by iconic areas of New York and the United States, each floor reflects the vibrant landscapes through its captivating texture.

Urban seamlessly combines the beloved characteristics of our reclaimed and antique Woodworks floors—a gently weathered surface with subtle imperfections—while delivering the consistency and reliability of a new wood floor. It stands tall as a commercial giant, ready to withstand the rigors of high-traffic environments.

With Urban, you can revel in the beauty of a reclaimed-style texture without compromising on ease of care and maintenance. Its enduring charm, combined with the intelligent invisible finish, guarantees a floor that not only captivates but also withstands the test of time.

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Intertwining the rich heritage of Japanese tradition with cutting-edge innovation, our meticulously crafted charred floors seamlessly blend the ancient art of Yakisugi with contemporary design.

Embracing the essence of Yakisugi, a traditional wood burning technique, we have reimagined this process to create a striking fusion of restored antique and new woods. Through the controlled application of open flames, the wood undergoes a meticulous charring process, followed by careful cooling, cleansing, and treatment with natural oils. This transformative journey bestows upon the wood a captivating dark visual style and an exquisitely tactile feel, capturing the essence of the technique.

To enhance the longevity and allure of these reclaimed and new wood floors, we meticulously apply our handcrafted finishes: the luxurious Naked Skin Lacquer or the nourishing Restoration Oil. These finishes not only protect the wood but also accentuate its natural beauty, leaving you with a floor that evokes a timeless elegance.

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