Babington PDV Antique


Dutch East Indies Teak detail


Champagney herringbone


Layton PDV swatch edited


Urbo25 Dalston Chevron


Pewter wide plank


Celestial end grain


Ruskin parquet de Chevney swatch

Parquet de Chevney

Layton chantilly

Parquet de Chantilly

Sapphire parquetry swatch


Mayer continuous versailles

Continuous Versailles

Mayer Chequerboard Swatch colour matched 2021

Chequerboard and Fingerblock

Avery multiplied


Rivet swatch


Bespoke Peteite Chantilly Fumed

Bespoke Design

V W 132


Plank is the most classic and longstanding flooring design. Woodworks however, innovated the wide plank back in 1995.

This was an industry first, as narrow maple strip floors were the standard at the time.

Many thought this would be impossible, but we wanted to provide a true design innovation and were unwavering in our commitment to making wide planks a reality.

All of our planks are individually finished by hand and sizes can be combined to create an exciting design statement.

Lauzes Herringbone Aged


Timeless and versatile, creating a variety of eye-catching shapes, the herringbone is enduring in its appeal and can add an ornate feel to spaces.

Herringbone parquet has influenced design throughout the centuries from floors to paving stones, upholstery to fabrics and rugs. Nowadays the design is experiencing a real resurgence due to its versatility.

Whilst the traditional laying pattern resembles a fish bone (hence the name) our herringbone floors are intelligently designed for use in over 20 different styles.

Franklin Brookwood 16
Franklin PDV Antique


The ultimate Woodworks flooring design.

We hand cut the elements within our panels, making our Parquet de Versailles floors unmatched in quality.

Not only are they crafted from the finest antique, reclaimed and new materials, we are the only creators in the world to match each element from panel to panel with the look being a design registered to Woodworks.

This creates a harmonious look across every section of your floor, which cannot be achieved elsewhere.

Rhine Chevron with bespoke finish Woodworks by Ted Todd


Another design that has overcome the test of time. Chevron floors date back centuries and remain at the forefront of immaculate design.

Our chevron floors are all carefully finished by hand with edge details that allow each block to either strictly stand out from one another using a bevel, or blend together with a pillowed, hand rolled edge.

Woodworks even create chevron floors in dimensions unlike any you will have seen before, with small and large sizes outside the norm available via our bespoke service.


Egret Dining space main

Superwide Planks

Statement floors with true modernity, our Superwide planks add timeless architectural emphasis to all interiors.

All finish options have been slow cured for a natural feel, with high durability, meaning these boards can stand up to the test of high-traffic areas.

Available in widths of up to 16”, these planks are the most dimensionally impressive available and we have spent decades perfecting these floors, ensuring that their impact meets their performance levels.

Deimos end grain

End Grain

The true enchantment of wood is revealed in its heart.

The growth rings of end grain cuts are an inspired alternative to the planks cut from the length of the tree as opposed to widths which are commonly used.

Originally used in traditional parquetry, our modern take on this theme combines the end grain cutting technique with modern engineering and masterful finishing to create a statement floor with greater durability.

The result: an extremely stable floor with a unique natural look which exposes the character of the growth rings.

Ruskin parquet de Chevney swatch
Dampier Parquet de Chevney swatch

Parquet de Chevney

A sophisticated and distinctive panel design, the beauty of which lies in the simplicity of its geometric shaping and clean lines.

Our panels are all created by hand and each element is hand cut, meaning no two floors will ever be the same, especially when paired with antique or reclaimed wood.

This unique flooring design can truly elevate a space, and we recommend laying on an angle to create a bold design statement.

Ruskin Parquet De Chantilly Side fire place

Parquet de Chantilly

Carefully weaved together, the Parquet de Chantilly panel combines classic crafting with a fresh, contemporary feel, making it a stunning choice in all interiors.

Our Chantilly panels are created by the hand of our skilled artisans, with each block cut individually before being pieced together. This ensures that elements match from panel to panel, which is something you won’t find anywhere else.

These panels are crafted using the finest antique and reclaimed woods, with a variety of historically impactful species available.

Shot 2


This special circular parquet design has taken years for our artisans to master and requires careful execution to ensure the overall appearance of Sapphire is perfect.

The design was created and registered by Woodworks, meaning it cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Crafted using the finest Aged European Oak, we’re immensely proud of the quality packed into this floor, being one of the finest creations in our portfolio.


Versailles without borders.

The timeless panel design is allowed to grant a feeling of infiniteness, repeating across the entire expanse of your project.

Having been walked upon by regal figures throughout time within the famous Palace of Versailles, the Versailles design remains an integral part of the palace’s design to this day.

Mayer continuous versailles swatch double
74 A9504
Mayer fingerblock

Chequerboard and Fingerblock

A series of smaller blocks combine to create a motif which resembles a classic chess board look. We like this design so much, we even use it in our Woodworks HQ.

The individual blocks showcase the intricate movement of antique and reclaimed textures better than most.

We can supply these floors as either individual blocks, or in larger planks, depending on your project’s specifications.

Avery multiplied


Made up of individual hexagonal and trapezoid elements whereby every piece is assembled by hand to create a tapestry of interesting geometric shapes.

Often we will combine hexagons with other shapes in order to create interesting new designs.

Each shape is individually created before being assembled, with perfectly selected edge details that complement the overall appearance of the floor.



Crafted in a variety of aforementioned styles (such as plank and herringbone) and often in a solid construction, our wall and ceiling cladding adds soul, honesty and feeling to all surfaces.

We create our cladding using some of our most precious woods, from reclaimed Tennessee Bourbon Oak to fully restored Reclaimed Pine planks.

Wood beyond the floor, we find our cladding to be particularly valuable and effective when used in marine projects and large commercial spaces.

Workspace 6
Burin Bespoke Panel Brass Insert

Bespoke design

For Woodworks, bespoke is about crafting beyond the ordinary.

A Woodworks project is not defined by any previous parameters and each is designed to push the boundaries of possibility.

Created with your vision in mind, a Woodworks creation is a collaborative experience. By combining sensitive design with as much imagination and flair as a specification allows, we believe our work can form part of a building’s architectural heritage for generations to come.

From metal inlays to seasoned textures, we craft the extraordinary.


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