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Aged and New Woods

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Aged Wood

Ebony plank superwide


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Parquetry Collection

De Le Cuona Living Room by United in Design 5 at WO Whouse DCCH photo by James Mc Donald small


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aged and new woods

We have taken everything we learnt about restoring and reclaiming old wood and translated it to new woods in order to create bold new design statements, whilst paying homage to centuries-old originals.

These floors have extraordinary proportions, designs, textures and finishes and have engineered constructions suitable for modern life.

High in quality and designed to last, these thoughtfully designed wood floors are versatile, hardwearing and enduring in their appeal. Not all new wood floors are created equal, and we make no apologies for the fact that our handcrafted floors are a cut above the competition.

Champagney aged herringbone


Emulating wood floors which have been walked upon for centuries, we’ve crafted our Aged European Oak wood floors to embody all of the characteristics of our favourite antique woods.

All of our Aged floors are slowly seasoned for 24 months before we begin any handcrafting. This important ageing draws out the beautiful shape, texture and movement which makes this oak so special.

We consider these woods part of our Woodworks 'house style' and our ability in which we bring out this natural undulating texture is unparalleled across the globe.

All of our aged woods are seasoned for a minimum of 24 months to bring out the best in their natural movement

De Le Cuona Living Room by United in Design 5 at WO Whouse DCCH photo by James Mc Donald small
Otis plank editions


Expressions of true artisanal talent and developed of many years by our Woodworks experts, is our Editions collection.

Our Editions floors are crafted from the very best sustainably sourced European Oak, Douglas Fir, American Black Walnut and European Larch. Each of these engineered floors is a limited edition, with a variety of tones, textures and finishes punctuating each.

These floors also host beautiful character and style throughout, and our fine artisan finishing means they are a cut above the competition in every sense.

Elias Ted Todd reclaimed 127 Galion 2

English Oak

English Oak is an exceptional variety and is revered for being the finest oak in this species.

Due to being wilder, more naturally grown, this wood features an incredible natural grain pattern throughout the logs. These pedunculate logs are very different to the tall sensile Oaks from commercial forests.

It’s also slowly grown, meaning that the growth rings inside are much tighter than in quicker grown woods, with the hue being richer in colour as a result too.

This wood is amongst the densest oaks available, making it an incredibly durable choice for your floor.

Perhaps most importantly, when quarter sawn, this wood features the broadest medullary rays of any oak. These are beautiful natural veins that run across the planks.

Ebony plank superwide


Statement floors with true modernity.

We broke all the rules when it came to dimensions in 1997.

Wooden planks had traditionally been very thin beforehand, but we pioneered planks in wider widths and longer lengths, much earlier than they became a mainstream idea. We have continued to push the boundaries with wide planks ever since.

Now crafted into extreme widths as large as 16”, the specifications that make up our Superwide collection are amongst the most impressive available, regardless of material.

This modern wide plank look is designed to create a bold design statement, even in the largest of spaces, where a true impact can be made.

Toft hall 2
Sapphire parquetry swatch


When lasting design meets modern innovation and intricate craftsmanship to create timeless, stand-out pieces.

Parquetry is our passion and within this collection you will find classic designs and modern interpretations.

From the iconic elegance of a Versailles panel to our own extraordinary circular inventions, these exquisite designs are statement pieces which showcase the very best of our artisans’ handcrafting skills.

Many of these woods are fumed to bring out the rich patina of the wood, with each element being precisely placed together to ensure the perfect match across the entire motif of your floor, which you certainly won’t find elsewhere.

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