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Reclaimed Sustainability

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The 100-Year Floor

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Circular Economy



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Sustainability has always been at the forefront of our thinking.

Having become one of the first companies in Europe to be fully FSC™ certified, way back in 1997, we’re proud of our environmental credentials.

Every Woodworks floor is sustainably sourced and certified, without you having to pay extra for the privilege.

Whether it is genuine reclaimed, FSC™, PEFC or any other accreditation, we assure our woods have minimal environmental impact, simply because it is the right thing to do for our planet’s future.

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Reclaimed sustainability

Reclamation is a principle incredibly dear to us at Woodworks.

Not only is it where we began and blossomed our woodworking skills, it best represents our sustainability mindset, as these woods can heavily reduce environmental impact.

Reclaiming any wood for future use from demolition sites helps limit deforestation and harmful wastage. As such reclaimed floors help your project to achieve carbon neutrality, whilst showcasing the very best in historical meaning and natural beauty.


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tHE 100 yEAR fLOOR

Reclaimed wood has an important role to play in the circular economy.

No other natural flooring material can be reworked in this way, which is why our passion blooms with old wood.

Be it reclaimed now or reclaimed in the future, your floor can be used for 100 years or more, meaning less manufacturing, less wastage and an overall happier, healthier planet.

The astounding stories that these woods write over the centuries are tales that we love to tell at Woodworks, assuring that their extraordinary legacy continues.



Reclaimed wood has a continuous lifecycle.

Many years ago it was manufactured and installed into old buildings. It would be maintained here for decades before demolition took place, which is the key stage for Woodworks.

From here we recycle and restore the wood, putting it back into the design and manufacturing stage, restarting its lifecycle and increasing the longevity of the material.

Then, throughout the years the wood can age gracefully within your project and can even be re-worked, re-sanded and re-finished to inject new life.

Whenever the cycle should cease, the wood is 100% biodegradable, returning to the earth once again.

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Woodworks go above and beyond the usual environmental and sustainability standards, and have many third party accreditations.

The vast majority of our floors are accredited by FSC™ or PEFC. Both are global organizations that independently confirm that all of our floors that are made from new timber are sourced from well managed forests.

Old wood (from our reclaimed and antique portfolio) cannot be certified in the same way that new timber can be but genuine certifications assure their environmental credentials. All of our antique and reclaimed woods have these certifications as standard and we do not craft using any woods where their origin cannot be confirmed.

All of our floors are SVOC free and have low VOC emissions, which make them a healthy choice. SVOCs are pollutants at the molecular level which are emitted from synthetic man-made materials such as LVT, vinyl and plastics.

Our certification table shows how each of our collections have genuine certification and environmental accreditation.

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We are also proudly part of the NWFA, the leading recognized representative for the wood flooring industry in terms of industry-accepted standards, resources, and highly skilled instructors in the USA.