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At Woodworks by Ted Todd, we're your trusted partner in transforming modern or heritage spaces across a multitude of sectors. From the cozy comforts of home to the dynamic demands of commercial sectors, we cater to a diverse range of environments, including hospitality, retail, leisure, workspace, heritage, and marine projects.

Our commitment to quality craftsmanship knows no bounds. We seamlessly blend the essence of modern design with the timeless allure of heritage aesthetics, bringing you an exquisite collection of handcrafted wood flooring and cladding solutions.

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Whether you're an architect, designer, developer, or residential flooring contractor seeking wood flooring solutions for high-end residential or multi-unit developments, Ted Todd offers an array of engineered and solid wood options for both floors and walls. Our products are thoughtfully designed to impeccably align with the style, specifications, and budgetary constraints of your project.

What sets us apart from other flooring companies is our exclusive focus on wood. We are committed to assisting our customers in finding the perfect flooring solutions, guiding them in selecting the right wood species, color, specification, and finish. Many of our exceptional floors are crafted on-site at our Cheshire workshops, ensuring quality and customization.

Our extensive range of colors and designs guarantees that there is always a flooring option that perfectly complements your interior design vision. Additionally, our wide selection of finishes ensures that our floors can meet the durability requirements of any project, no matter how demanding. At Ted Todd, we are dedicated to providing tailored wood flooring solutions that elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your residential or multi-unit development projects.

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If you’re looking for sustainable hotel flooring Woodworks offers a vast range of high quality engineered wood flooring and solid wood flooring options designed to help deliver memorable customer visits and award-winning designs.

Durability, functionality, and design requirements come into sharp focus in hotel projects. Hotel lobby flooring as well as floor and wall cladding in restaurants and meeting areas, in bedrooms and suites, have to be able to cope with heavy footfall and look as good in years to come as when first fitted. Hotel project design briefs vary but what links them together is that they need to deliver comfort, practicality, and appearances that last. Quality wood flooring from Woodworks is an ideal choice, no matter the brief.

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Retail environments impose rigorous demands on the materials employed in their design. These materials must not only exhibit durability to withstand heavy foot traffic but also contribute to creating a refined customer experience, all while aligning seamlessly with the specific product and brand image they are meant to showcase.

High-quality wood floors excel in meeting these multifaceted requirements. They offer an extensive array of colors, textures, and formats, ensuring that there exists a flooring solution to complement every project. Moreover, these floors come equipped with finishes meticulously crafted for high-traffic areas, complete with the necessary anti-slip ratings to enhance safety.

Furthermore, in response to the growing desire for immersive retail experiences that prioritize ethical and sustainable practices, hardwood floors emerge as the ideal choice for commercial and retail flooring projects. Their use of ethically and sustainably sourced natural materials aligns perfectly with the contemporary emphasis on responsible and eco-conscious design, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and environmental integrity of retail spaces.

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Leisure wood flooring encompasses a diverse spectrum of applications, spanning from restaurant and hospitality settings to gymnasiums and recreational spaces. Each project in this category presents its own unique requirements, yet they all share the common demand for top-notch materials, increased thickness, and a low-maintenance finish.

Our wood flooring surpasses the challenges posed by everyday leisure activities, including spills, heavy foot traffic, and the wear and tear from sturdy footwear. With an extensive range of flooring options available in various formats, colors, widths, and lengths, we are well-equipped to cater to even the most specific project requirements.

No matter which flooring you choose, whether it's the rustic charm of our reclaimed and antique floors or the modern, seamless allure of our superprime floors, you can be certain of leaving a lasting and impressive mark on your customers. These floors offer undeniable textures and natural tones that elevate the ambiance of your leisure space, ensuring a memorable experience for all who visit.

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Workspace projects require versatile flooring solutions and wall cladding options that can seamlessly adapt to the desired aesthetic, whether it leans towards a modern or traditional theme. In the realm of office design, it's imperative that flooring not only boasts durability but also aligns with the growing emphasis on biophilic and eco-conscious design principles.

Hardwood flooring emerges as an ideal candidate, excelling in multiple aspects. Its extensive array of color palettes, wood species, finishes, and design possibilities ensures there's a suitable option for every workspace flooring endeavor. Moreover, hardwood flooring harmonizes effectively with other flooring alternatives like carpet tiles, empowering designers to fashion distinctive office spaces, breakout zones, and communal areas within the overall design scheme.

Crucially, as a natural flooring choice, hardwood establishes a profound connection to the natural world, a connection that luxury vinyl and other plastic-based alternatives simply cannot replicate. This organic bond with nature not only enhances the workspace's aesthetics but also contributes to a more inviting and environmentally responsible atmosphere.

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At the core of our mission lies the dedication to conservation and restoration. Woodworks was established with the primary focus on salvaging and reviving aged wood floors, bestowing upon us a unique wealth of knowledge and an unparalleled assortment of reclaimed and antique wood flooring choices.

Throughout history, wood floors have played an integral role, each style reflecting the distinctive characteristics of its era. This historical significance serves as an invaluable resource, especially when undertaking the restoration of a period property, as the flooring constitutes a fundamental element of any architectural endeavor. Whether your project involves intricate parquetry patterns or straightforward floorboards, you can trust that we offer a diverse range of wood flooring options perfectly suited to your heritage restoration project.

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We are all drawn to the expanse and freedom that the ocean offers, and its ability to connect us to nature. Just like living with wood. Timber is a key material in the construction of luxury boats and yachts across the world.

We have worked on all manner of marine projects, so regardless of your client’s specification and demands we are able to surpass expectations.


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